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How do we define the term ‘health?’

How do we define the term health? What makes you healthy? There are several things that go into it. Physical, mental, emotional, existential, relational/social, and environmental are all aspects that make up what we call your deep health. Physical health…

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How do I define the term fitness

Fitness refers to your ability to preform your Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). ADLs are, basically the things you do as part of your daily routine: get out of bed, get dressed, fix your food, go to work, etc. Fitness…

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Nutrition (Diet)

Today I'm talking about nutrition for Terminology Tuesday. I use nutrition and diet interchangeably. I don't think of a diet as something I need to "go on" to lose or gain weight. It's simply the food I eat. Nutrition is…

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My General Philosophies for Nutrition and Fitness

Happy Terminology Tuesday! We're kicking off Terminology Tuesday with my overall Philosophy on nutrition and fitness. There are approximately 8-billion people on the planet. We're all different. Therefor I think there are about 8-billion "right" ways to do nutrition and…

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