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How do we define the term ‘health?’

How do we define the term health?

What makes you healthy? There are several things that go into it. Physical, mental, emotional, existential, relational/social, and environmental are all aspects that make up what we call your deep health.

Physical health is how your body feels, functions and performs.

Mental health is how well you think, learn, and remember things.

Emotional health includes things like your general mood, are you more positive than negative, and how well you regulate your emotions.

Existential health includes answering the big question ‘why are you here?” How’s your sense of self-worth? Do you understand where and how you fit into the big picture?

Relational or social health has to do with your connections to friends, coworkers, and connections. How do you interact with them and what’s your sense of belonging when you’re together? Do you engage or just sit on the sidelines?

Environmental health, do you feel safe, do you feel secure, do you have a good doctor, do you have access to good medications?

If you have problems or challenges in any of those areas, it could be from your nutrition or your overall fitness. If you want help with any of it, please feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to help.

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