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I’m sure you have questions, so I’ve answered some of the more frequent ones here. Yes, the first part of the answer is dripping with sarcasm. I do like to joke and have fun! But the second part is my legit, truthful answer. Let me know if I missed something and I’ll do my best to get you an answer as soon as I can.

Why should I hire you?

You probably shouldn’t. If you’ve read my About Me page, you know I’m a very driven individual. If you are not serious about meeting your fitness and nutrition goals, then, please, DO NOT hire me! I take what I do very seriously, Yes, I like to kid and joke around, but I expect your best effort in meeting and exceeding your goals. Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose the best coach for the job. I’ve tried to give you a glimpse of who I am and how I coach on this site. If my style and personality don’t appeal to you, by all means, find a different coach. No hard feelings!

But you're not fat. How can you relate to me?

I can’t. But let me turn that around on you. Since you say you are fat (your word, not mine), can you as a fat person, relate to a skinny person? Let’s say a guy, who in high school had really skinny arms, the biggest thing on them was his elbow. Can you relate to him? Could you encourage him to eat healthy, get up early to lift weights before he goes to work? I think you could. Just because we’re different doesn’t mean I can’t relate to your situation.

How much do you charge?

Not nearly enough. And don’t try to find the answer on this website. It’s not there. And even if you ask one of my clients, and they break their confidentiality agreement and tell you, it’s probably not what I’d charge you. See, we’re all different with different needs and goals. Why should I charge you more if your needs and your goals are not as complicated as someone else’s? Of course, the opposite is true if you are super needy and have excessively high goals.

Can I get a refund?

No. And I’m serious about this one. Here’s a good example: I had shoulder surgery a few years back. I had an excellent surgeon. Post-surgery, he prescribed physical therapy to help me get back to where I should be for my age. I followed his instruction and with several months of grueling physical therapy, made a 100% recovery. Suppose I opted out of therapy or only gave it minimal effort and I didn’t regain function of my shoulder as he said I would. Should I ask for my money back because I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain? No.

The same principle applies here. I cannot force you to do what we determine to be the proper course of action for you to achieve your goals. That is up to you! I can support and encourage, suggest we (you) try a different approach, but I cannot follow you around and slap donuts out of your mouth if you are trying to lose weight. You can’t pay me enough to do that!

Are you mean?

Yes. Very. Look, you’re hiring me to be your coach, to help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. Part of what I do is figure out what motivates you. Positive reinforcement motivates some people and negative does it for others and still others need a combination. (If you follow me on social media, you’ll see I’m a very positive and encouraging person even when I’m being negative.) Part of what I do in our initial assessments, when we’re getting to know each other, is figure out what motivates you. Then I leverage that knowledge to push you to meet and hopefully exceed your goals.

Are you going to hurt me?

Probably. And I’m going to enjoy it. (Insert evil laugh here.) If by hurt, you mean unnecessary physical pain, no, I’m not going to hurt you. But, for your specific goals, there may be necessary pain. Achieving fitness and nutrition goals can be painful! It could be, you need to recognize hunger pains, so you learn when you need to eat not when you want to eat. Or if you are strength training to build muscle, umm, yes, there’s necessary physical pain associated with that.

As far as mental pain goes, yes, there can be mental pain associated with fitness and nutrition goals. This stuff is very personal and can be really difficult to deal with. But, no, I will certainly NOT intentionally cause you any mental pain.

Can we meet in person?

Maybe. I live in Upstate South Carolina. I do not travel for work. This is a home-based job for me, and I intend to keep it that way. A long commute for me is 15 minutes. However, if you live near me and aren’t creepy or a serial killer, yes, we can meet.

I follow you on social media. Do you own a shirt?

Yes, but it keeps falling off. (That’s my standard answer when asked.) Hey, growing up, I was a skinny kid who was too shy, embarrassed, self-conscious, whatever, to take my shirt off in public. I have worked really hard to achieve the body I have and yes, I like to be a little bit showy. I also like to think of it as encouragement, motivation. If I can do it, so can you.

Do you recommend supplements?

No. Seriously. In fact, with my credentials, I’m not allowed to, and neither is any other Personal Trainer or Nutrition Coach. It’s referred to as “outside our scope of practice.” Only a Dr. or Registered Dietitian may “prescribe” meal plans, supplements, etc. What I can do, and is well within my scope of practice, is educate you on various foods and over-the-counter supplements, so you can determine what foods you should eat and what, if any, supplements to take.

What makes you different than everyone else?

DNA. We’re all different. That’s what’s great about people. No two of us are exactly alike. I talk to and chat with lots of people every day. I try to compliment or have something nice to every one of them. I tend to think my positive personality is what sets me apart from others. As a coach, I use that to encourage you and build you up so you can achieve your goals. I mean who wants to be around someone who is always complaining and being negative.

What can I expect in a coaching session?

Donuts. Again, this will depend on you and your goals. It will also depend on where you are in relation to your goals, how much time you have, if we are meeting in person, on the phone, or a video chat. In general, we’ll review where you are with your goals. What’s working. What’s not working. And discuss any changes we think you need to make.

What's your specialty?

Sarcasm and witty banter. My demographic, my target audience, is adult men between 25 and 64 years old. That’s the age category where I am so I best relate to them. That’s not to say I cannot relate to virtually any other demographic out there. Throughout my career (check out my About Me page if you haven’t already) I’ve worked a wide variety of jobs with an even wider variety of people. Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me who you are, as long as you have a passion for bettering yourself through fitness and nutrition coaching.

What qualifications do you have?

I show up. I am a Certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition—the world’s most respected nutrition education program. My Personal Trainer certification is through International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). I also live what I teach. I may not have the perfect cover model body, and yes, I veer off my nutrition program and eat unhealthy stuff from time to time. But I believe you need to be able to do that! Skip a workout. Eat a bowl of ice cream. Enjoy your life!

How do you assess new clients?

Critically. Basically, I try to get to know you as a person. What makes you tick. Your goals, your dreams, your hopes, your aspirations… I do this with a series of questions, but trust me, I’m gonna go off script, that’s just who I am. And, like I said on my About Me page, I’m going to question your answers for everything. I want you to think. Ask yourself “why am I doing this?” It’s not only important to know what you know, but know how and why do you know it?

Do you create meal plans?

No. Seriously. This goes back to your question on supplements. I’m not allowed to and neither is any other fitness or nutrition coach and chances are you wouldn’t eat it anyway. But I can teach you how to do it. I think meal planning and meal prepping can be intimidating for people. You might also think it takes too much time or is too much work. And the marketing departments from all the pre-packaged, pre-cooked food companies out there want you to think that  too. But it doesn’t have to be difficult nor time consuming. And, best of all, you know exactly what you’re eating and how it was prepared.

What do you think of the (insert name of fad diet here) diet?

I don’t. Last time I Googled the word diet I came up with about 4,660,000,000 results. I’m sure that number is even higher now. We need to understand the word “diet” is what you eat not a plan to lose weight. Your diet may consist of healthy foods like meats, fruits, and vegetables. Your diet may also consist of cookies, candy, and soda. Both are diets. One is good, one is not so good.

How do you track my fitness goals?

I don’t. Seriously. You will track your fitness goals. I’ll help you identify them, refine them, discuss them, push you towards them, celebrate when you achieve them, set new and more challenging ones, but you will track them. I can help you come up with a system for tracking and reporting them, but, ultimately, you are accountable for tracking your goals.

How are you going to encourage me?

Taser. I kind of already answered this question when I answered your “Are you mean?” question. I’m a positive person. I believe positive reinforcement goes a long way in helping people achieve their goals. But I’m not going to lie to you either. If you are trying to lose weight and you admit to me you had ice cream, waffles and candy corn for dinner three nights this week, we ain’t gonna be hi-fivin over dat!

How long is it going to take for me to ... ?

Stop. My job as your coach is to help you set realistic, achievable, but challenging goals, then teach, train, and push you toward them. Will there be setbacks and delays? Yes. You’re a human. But you will get there. Besides, once you experience how great it feels to achieve a goal, you’re just gonna set a new one.

People and programs can and do make all kinds of wildly inaccurate claims as to how fast or slow you will achieve result on this or that program. Don’t fall for the hype. The Marketing Department wrote that and I’m sure the Legal Department required an asterisk pointing you towards a disclaimer, something like “results not typical” or “testimonials don’t guarantee results” or “average weight loss is significantly less than advertised.” Okay, I may have embellished that last one, but you get the idea.

What about preexisting conditions or injuries?

Mental or physical? I kid, but I’m also serious. While our main focus is on you physical wellbeing, part of my coaching process can identify mental issues that may lead to fitness and nutrition problems. Eating disorders are prevalent in our society. Both over and under eating most often start from psychological issues. While psychotherapy is outside my scope of practice, I’m a good listener and can refer you to a qualified practitioner if needed. As for the physical, you’ll need a note from your doctor and we’ll discuss them in detail before we start a program for you.

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