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Triceps Rope Extensions

The last exercise in this series will focus on the back of your arms or your triceps. Switch to the rope attachment for this and raise the pulley all the way to the top position. Adjust your weight to one you can move between 10 and 12 times. (Trial and error is your friend here, […]

Cable Fly

Clip the “D” handles on the cables and position the pulleys at chest height Set a weight that you think you can handle for between 10 and 12 reps. Start with about half of what you do for a dumbbell bench press. Stand mid-way between the pulleys, bend your elbows slightly and lean forward a […]

Declined Cable Press

If you lay face-down on an inclined bench, is it still an inclined bench? LOL! Well, the bench is inclined but you’ll be doing a declined press. Put those pulleys all the way at the top, set your weights accordingly, and center the bench between the pulleys. Grab both handles and carefully lie face-down on […]

Inclined Dumbbell Bench Press

This inclined version of the dumbbell bench press will work more of your upper chest. I use a lighter weight than I do for a flat bench press since you use a little more shoulder muscle to move the weights. Set the bench at about a 45-degree angle, sit those weights on your knees and […]

Dumbbell Bench Press

If you don’t have access to a full gym of equipment a few select dumbbells and a bench can do wonders for your workout. Dumbbells allow you to get better extension of your arms when performing the exercise which will help improve your range of motion. Choose a weight that’s heavier than your warm-up set, […]

Isometric Floor Presses

I use these as a warm-up exercise to get the blood flowing to my chest before I start my heavier, full range of motion sets. Pick a weight that you can press for about 15 reps. Lay on a mat and roll back. Your elbows should rest on the floor to start and be at […]

Decline Cable Press

Roll an incline bench over in between the cables. You’re going to use both cables for this exercise. Make sure the cables are at the top slot. Pick a weight similar to what you used for the bench press. Grab the cables, stand over the bench then slowly and carefully lie down on the bench. […]

Inclined Dumbbell Bench Press

The incline bench press is very similar to the flat bench press however the incline should be set to between 30 and 45 degrees. Use a lighter weight as you will use more shoulder muscle as we focus on working the upper chest muscles. Sit on the bench, place your weights up on your knees, […]

Upper Push – Dumbbell Bench Press

We’re doing dumbbell bench presses today. Grab two dumbbells that you think you can press about 10 times. Place them on the floor in front of the bench. Sit on the bench with your feet outside the dumbbells. Lift those bells up on your knees and roll back onto the bench. Angel your arms slightly […]

Upper Push Floor Press with Isometric Hold

Our first exercise in this series, part of a Push, Pull, Legs workout split, is a floor press with an isometric hold. Grab a mat and two dumbbells that are fairly light for you. Ones that you can press about 15 to 20 times. Finding the exact right weight is gonna be trial and error. […]