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Isometric Floor Presses

I use these as a warm-up exercise to get the blood flowing to my chest before I start my heavier, full range of motion sets. Pick a weight that you can press for about 15 reps. Lay on a mat and roll back. Your elbows should rest on the floor to start and be at a slight angle away from your torso. Press the weights up and in an arching motion. Squeeze your chest at the top for a second and slowly lower the weights making sure not to slam your elbows to the floor. Continue that motion until you start to get tired, about 15 reps. Then, lower the weights about halfway and hold them there for as long as you can. Focus on using your chest muscles to keep them there. Hold them for as long as you can, 30-seconds if you can. Gently let the weights down when you can’t hold them up anymore.

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