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Declined Cable Press

If you lay face-down on an inclined bench, is it still an inclined bench? LOL! Well, the bench is inclined but you’ll be doing a declined press. Put those pulleys all the way at the top, set your weights accordingly, and center the bench between the pulleys. Grab both handles and carefully lie face-down on the bench. Using the same arching motion we’ve used in our other push exercises, push those handles down and towards the center of your body and hold for a second. Slowly let them go back up and feel the stretch on your chest. As usual, shoot for the 10 to 12 rep range. To get off the bench, slowly let the cables extend up and back behind you as you stand up. DO NOT LET GO OF THEM UNTIL THE WEIGHTS ARE RESTING ON THE ON THE WEIGHT STACK! Repeat the process for three sets.

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