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Upper Push – Dumbbell Bench Press

We’re doing dumbbell bench presses today.

Grab two dumbbells that you think you can press about 10 times. Place them on the floor in front of the bench. Sit on the bench with your feet outside the dumbbells. Lift those bells up on your knees and roll back onto the bench. Angel your arms slightly towards your waist. The key is not to have them flared out. Lower your elbows below the level of the bench and feel the stretch on your chest muscles. Then press those weights up and over your head. It’s the same arching motion we saw last week in our floor presses. Be sure to squeeze with your chest! Hold the contraction at the top for a second then slowly lower the weights all the way down and feel the stretch in your chest like you did at the beginning. Then, press them back up. Keep going until you hit failure which should be between 10 and 12 reps. Any more than that, go up in weight. Once you fail, take a 60 second rest and hit them again. Shoot for about three sets.

Remember, don’t drop those weights! Always be in control. Dropping weights is very dangerous! Especially on a rubber gym floor. They can bounce and hit you or someone else. Don’t do it! It’s also a great idea to use a spotter, someone who can help you if you get into trouble when lifting. If you don’t have a workout partner, just ask someone else in the gym. Most of us gym rats are friendly and enjoy helping others.

Next time we’ll do some inclined bench presses.

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