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Upper Push Floor Press with Isometric Hold

Our first exercise in this series, part of a Push, Pull, Legs workout split, is a floor press with an isometric hold.

Grab a mat and two dumbbells that are fairly light for you. Ones that you can press about 15 to 20 times. Finding the exact right weight is gonna be trial and error. Sit on the mat, put those dumbbells on your knees and roll back. Rest your elbows on the mat at about a 45-degree angle to your torso and keep your wrists straight. Keep your head on the mat, but not pushing into it too hard. Press the dumbbells up quickly in an arching motion. Squeeze those chest muscles at the top and hold for a second. Slowly lower them back down until your elbows just touch the floor. Keep doing this until you start to feel those chest muscles getting tired. Then, when lowering the weights, stop at about the halfway point and hold as long as you can. Try for about 30 seconds.

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