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My General Philosophies for Nutrition and Fitness

Happy Terminology Tuesday! We’re kicking off Terminology Tuesday with my overall Philosophy on nutrition and fitness.

There are approximately 8-billion people on the planet. We’re all different. Therefor I think there are about 8-billion “right” ways to do nutrition and fitness.

No two of us are exactly alike. If you ever watched the movie “Twins” with Danny DiVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger, you’ll know what I mean. Two biologically identical twins, separated at birth, growing up with completely different lifestyles and yielding two completely different results!

The key is finding the right way for you!

I like to do this by keeping things simple. No over complicated “diets,” no crazy workouts. Focus on the basics – good nutrition and good workouts create great results.

And, lastly, trial and error is your friend! If something didn’t work, try something different! Mistakes are proof you are trying!

Have an awesome day.

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